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Henry & Sadie Solid Wood Engraved Tags
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Tag Shapes, Fonts, and Icon Choices

Henry & Sadie Solid Wood Engraved Tags

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Uniquely crafted from solid wood, each of our pet ID tags is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Colorful, detailed, and personalized to your preference, Henry & Sadie tags are the perfect accessory for your pup! Choose from our selection of shapes, icons, and fonts, and the tag will be engraved on both sides - your pup's name and your chosen icon on one side,  your contact info on the other.

We use a dual split-ring system for easy attaching to your collar, plus a spray coating to make them look extra polished! Step into the world of Henry & Sadie tags - you and your pup won't regret it!

Standard tags measure approximately 1.3 inches (35mm) tall and wide
Small tags measure approximately 1 inch (26mm) tall and wide.