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Ebony, Purple Heart, Canary, Blood Wood and Walnut Wood Squares
Henry & Sadie Solid Wood Engraved Tags
Purples Heart Sample
Canary Wood Sample
Walnut Wood Sample
Tag Shapes, Fonts, and Icon Choices

Henry & Sadie Solid Wood Engraved Tags

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Custom, handmade, unique, natural wood engraved pet ID tags

No two tags are ever exactly alike. Made of solid wood and naturally colored, we build each tag based on your selection of size, shape, icon and font preference.  Tags are engraved and then finished with a clear spray. We use a dual split-ring system to help your tag lay flat when attached to your pet's collar.

Each tag comes with your pet's name and choice of icon engraved on the front with your phone number engraved on the back in one of our font selections.

Available in the shapes: Circle, Diamond, and Rectangle.
Standard tags measure approximately 1.3 inches (35mm) tall and wide
Small tags measure approximately 1 inch (26mm) tall and wide.