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About Us

 Welcome to Henry & Sadie!

5 different colored collars sitting on a log with a waterfall in the background

Henry & Sadie designs and sells handmade waterproof collars and leads for your family’s furry members. 

You and your fur babies are more than just our customers, you are now members of the Henry & Sadie pack. As a member of our pack, it is extremely important to us that you receive the best possible customer care and purchasing experience from Henry & Sadie. From the time to you click on our site to when you receive your custom Henry & Sadie box containing your new collar and lead, we want to ensure that you and your dog feel the love that we put into every product we send you.

Our collars and leads are all handmade using a material known as Biothane, which is stronger and more durable than both nylon webbing and leather. Biothane is waterproof, odor resistant, extremely flexible, lightweight, and very easy to clean – which makes it perfect to use for dog collars and leads.   

Thank you for visiting our site and we look forward to sending you your new Henry & Sadie collar and lead soon.

Meet our Pack

Image of Kimberly The Owner

Owner & Founder

When I decided to create Henry & Sadie in 2019, I was determined to create a company that would allow me to honor the relationship between dogs and those who love them! I also wanted to create a company that focused on positivity, kindness, and exceptional customer service! In my journey, I have met the most amazing people and their pets from across the globe and have found pure happiness and joy in doing something that I absolutely love!  I want to thank everyone who has supported Henry & Sadie!  I feel honored and grateful to have been allowed to be your personal collar and lead shop.  

Henry & Sadie
Chief Operating Dogs & My Best Friends
Henry and Sadie are the inspiration, namesakes, and Chief Operating Dogs of Henry & Sadie. Their primary responsibility  is to keep the floor warm, take long walks, occasionally model and test new product, and greet all the delivery drivers with a
happy smile and wagging tail.