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Using Traffic Leads

What an amazing day!  We had the opportunity to use the Henry & Sadie Traffic leads and got to enjoy an amazing winter hike up one of our local dog friendly canyons. Henry and Sadie were in absolute heaven enjoying the fresh snow and the sunshine.  

Two Malamutes walking in winter forest

A traffic lead is a shorter leash designed to keep your pet close to you when you are walking in public areas or in high "traffic" areas.  

Two Malamutes with owner in the snow

Traffic leads are generally used as a training tool by owners to focus on the heel position for medium and large-size dogs. 

Traffic leads are generally shorter than one foot (30.5cm) in length and can be made from various types of material including biothane. The traffic lead is designed to attach to the dog's collar or harness and it is just the right length to walk with your dog next to your side comfortably without getting tangled in a long leash in tight spaces. I find a traffic lead especially helpful walking a big dog (aka Henry) in public spaces with lots of people and other distractions. 

Traffic leads may also help in "off-leash" training by allowing dogs to run and play without getting caught up in longer leashes, but still providing owners a quick way to reconnect with their dog.  

Two malamutes on traffic leads with owner in snow forest

However, you may notice in the pictures that I have both a traffic lead and full-size lead.  Why, you may ask.  In part it has to do with being compliant with various leash law standards. When you are considering purchasing a traffic lead you may want to double check your location's "leash-law" standards. Some places do not consider a traffic lead to be an actual leash.  Many leash-law standards require that a leash be at least four-feet in length, so we carry both just in case. 

Bottom line, product testing was well a blast!  As for the Chief Operating Dogs, they are enjoying a long afternoon nap!

2 sets of dog paws on carpet

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