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Is your dog an escape artist? Why ID tags are important

Many of you have likely experienced that moment when you get home and you see the gate has been left open and your dog is no where to be found!  Your heart drops as you begin scouring the neighborhoods and for your furry family member and hope that you will find them soon!

We all strive hard to keep our pets safe and want to ensure that in the off-chance that they get out, they will be returned to us safe and sound in the fastest way possible. 

Shelters and veterinarians recommend getting your pet microchipped which we absolutely agree with and support.  It is a useful technological tool used to reconnect owners with their pets. The little microchip is inserted in the back of your pet's neck can be scanned by a local vet or shelter and you can find out the name and contact information for the owner.

However, don't overlook the importance of a simple ID tag. From recent experience, I know that a simple tag with your pet's name and your phone number can make all the difference in the world in reuniting you with your little escape artist! With an ID tag a person can quickly figure out your pet's name and contact information and call you within seconds of locating your pup.  Without an ID tag, it may be days before you are reunited as the person has to wait to get into a shelter or veterinarian's office to scan the chip. 

Henry & Sadie Diamond Dog Tag ID with the name Ruger and Bone Image  Henry & Sadie Diamond Shape Dog ID with Random Phone Number

Today, I had the fortunate luck of being in the right place and the right time.  While wrapping up my run, I was on my way home and noticed that traffic was backed up for what appeared to be no reason which was a little unusual for this time of day.  Then I looked closer and I saw what was creating a line of approximately 20 cars which were beginning to honk and get a little impatient. 

Standing in the middle of the road - directly in front of a red Prius were two sweet pups looking very confused, thirsty, and desperate for someone to show a little kindness.  Every time the car honked, the dogs got closer to the front of the car.  As a dog owner, the last thing that I wanted to see was these two get hurt. 

I was on the opposite end of the street and traffic was stopped at the light about 500 feet away, so I took a chance and called out to these two little strangers. Hearing a kind whistle and a come command both of them happily ran across the street to me and were excited for a little human interaction.  I asked them to sit.  While getting their attention, I noticed that they were both wearing collars with their names and contact information.

Holding onto their collars, so they didn't take off again, (wishing that I had a Henry & Sadie Lead with me), I learned that the names of these two escape artists were Molly and Frankie.  Fortunately, they were more than happy to hang out and get a few scritches while I checked their ID for a phone number. 

On the backside of their ID they had their phone number listed and both pups were from the same household.  I sat down in on the sidewalk with them both and called the number.  Luckily, their human answered and said he was out looking for them.  I told him I had both pups with me and they were safe.  I let him know where I was at and within 5 minutes they were reunited with their relieved human and on their way home.  

Feeling happy to have helped these pups, I finished my run and then got the third degree sniff over from Henry & Sadie when I got home - while making sure that their name tags were securely attached to their collars!   

 Sadie in the snow with her Henry & Sadie Pet ID Tag  Henry in the snow wearing his Henry & Sadie Pet ID Tag

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